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About us
COPSILA-MENTI SICURE (COPSILA-CONFIDENT MINDS) originates from years of experience in the application of psychology for the health (and safety) of people at the workplace: from the assessment of work-related stress to training, through clinical support systems and help in the definition of work fitness, concluding with clinical-psychotherapeutic experience aimed at male and female workers.
The meeting of the professional experiences of Paolo Campanini and Cristina Uccelli resulted in the COPSILA project, which is intended to provide workers with psychological support and to strengthen the policies of companies who want their employees to feel secure and confident.
Cristina Uccelli
Clinical psychologist psychotherapist.
She has been involved for years in corporate training for the promotion of employees' psychological health and confidence, addressing issues and using clinical tools in the organisational sector, among which: work-related stress, emotional intelligence, cognitive bias and mindfulness. She has coordinated company teams for the development of the WHP (Workplace Health Promotion) program sponsored by the Lombardy Region, for the definition of good practices. She also coordinates a program for the development of the youth generation's potential and is a member of the EMDR Italia Association.
Paolo Campanini
Research Doctor (Ph. D.) in Occupational Medicine, Occupational Psychologist and Psychotherapist.
He collaborated with the University of Milan and with the Occupational Stress and Maladjustment Centre of the Fondazione Ospedale Maggiore Ca' Granda in Milan and with the Collaborating Centre Consortium for the World Health Organisation. He is Associate Editor for the scientific journal Medicine, Health and Working Life and of the Italian Association for Behaviour Analysis and Modification. He has several international scientific publications on the topic of work-related stress. He is also a member of the General Council of the National Board of Social Security and Assistance for Psychologists.
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